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Coast to Coast

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Roadrunner "Safety Sole"

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Roadrunner is designed to reduce the risk of injuries due to falls while working

in various slippery and hazardous conditions. They can be quickly fitted to any

style and size of shoe. The abrasive sole gives traction to most slippery floor conditions

while the elastic straps grip the toe and ankle. They can be used over and over again.

Recommended Applications:

* Working on Slick Ceramic Tiles in the Kitchen

* Stripping Wax from Floors

* Scrubbing Shower Rooms

* Slippery Concrete or Metal Loading Docks

* Food Processing Plants

***Sani-Fresh Skin Care Products***

Kimberly Clark

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Free Soap Dispenser With Your Purchase ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Your Source For Quality, Innovative Skin Care Solutions

* Gentle Lotion Cleanser (Floral Fragrance) 500ml 18/case

*Antibacterial Clear Skin Cleanser (Light Floral Fragrance) 500ml 18/case

*Instant Hand Sanitizer 500ml 6/case

*Hand Sanitizer also comes in 8 oz. bottles with pump. (12 per case)

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Mountain Organic Icemelter

"The Natural Way to Melt Ice" -- Safe for Concrete and Vegetation.

Effective to - 20'C (- 4'F) -- Concentrated Power, works immediately -- Safe to handle

50 lb. bag Made in Canada

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