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3.4 litre

20 litre

BAN-O  Deodorant Concentrate

This special blend of natural organic fragrances, lime and

suspending agents, synergistically work to eliminate unpleasant odours

Spray on solution or add to carpet extractors and shampoo solution. Will

eliminate odours like mildew, pet, urine, smoke, putrefied food,

locker rooms, floor drains, sewers, refuse disposal bins and so

much more.

Carpet Spotting, Deodorants, Disinfectants, Dust Mop Treatments, Furniture Polish, Glass Cleaner, Insect Spray, Metal Polish, Oven Cleaner, Tile and Wall Cleaner, Air Freshener, Stainless Steel Cleaner,Vandal Mark Remover, Dust Mop Treatments.

Feature:"Attack"Air Freshener and Odour Counteractant.

Bottle Brushes, Bowl Brushes, Corn Brooms, Deck Brushes, Dusting Brushes,Lobby Dust Pans,Carpet Sweepers,Magnetic Brooms, Floor Squeegees, Handles and Braces, Pot Brushes, Push Brooms, Spoke and Tire Brushes, Street Brooms, Whisk Brooms, Window Brushes & Scissor Mops,Lambswool Dusters,Squeegees.

Feature:Push Broom 18" Tampico Fibre

with 54" handle

Janitor Carts, Maid Carts, Utility Carts, Plastic Bags, Replacement Bags

Candle Wax & Gum Remover, Defoamer,Prespray,Deodorizers,Carpet Powder, Extraction Solution, Spot Remover, Carpet Bonnets.

Feature:Gum Remover Aerosol 12 / case

Germicidals, Degreasers,Waxes, Sealers, Strippers, Deodorizers,Odour Counteractants, Glass, Drain Opener, Varsol, Stainless Steel Polish, Dust Control, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Engine Shampoo, Auto Wash and Wax, Vinyl and Tire Dressing, Dish Detergent.

Feature:"Florida Citrus Brite" The real Citrus Cleaner & Degreaser 4 litre

Hand Towels, Soap, Napkin, Toilet Tissue, Aerosol, Vending Machines, Facial Tissue, Cone Cup, Foam Cups. Feature:Combo Towel Dispenser, Fits Single fold and up to 8" Roll Towel

First Aid Kits, Antiseptic and Burn Sprays,Dettol, Eye Wash, Chemical Burn Products, Infection & Biohazard Control and Disinfection, Splints, Stretchers, P.V.C. Raincoats, Blankets, Signs, Bandages, C.P.R. Devices, Outdoor Emergency Supplies. Feature:"P.V.C. Raincoats

Cups, Plates, Plastic Knives,Forks and Spoons, Stir Sticks, Hats and Hairnets, Tin Foil, Seran Wrap, Pizza boxes, Food Trays, Napkins, T-shirt bags,Straws, Stemware, Chip Forks, Butcher Wrap. Feature:7 oz. Foam Cups(1000/case)

Examination Gloves(Latex and Vinyl) Nitrile, Rubber with flock lining, P.V.C., String Knit, Cotton, Nylon, Hot Mill, Pigskin, Jersey, Plastic Dot Cotton, Terrycloth, Cover and lined Mitts, Welders, Fitter, Whizard and Armguards. Feature:"Latex Exam. (100/box)

Liquid Hand Soap, Powdered, Anti-bacterial with Poly Beads, Pumice, Bar Soap(Wrapped and Unwrapped) Feature:"Power-Scrub 2000" 1 gallon 4/case

Flourescent, Indoor/Outdoor, Floodlights, Reflector, Halogen, Chandalier

Feature:4 foot Flourescent Double Pin 30/case

Dollies, Tilt Trucks, Carts, Bins, Tote Containers, Rendering Cans, Baskets, Hand Trucks, Shrink and Pulled Wrap, Carton Sealing Tape, Masking Tape, Floor Signs. Feature:"Caution Wet Floor (Bilingual)

Needletip , Concord, Neon, Proluxe, Econo Rib, Chevron,Econoluxe, Bristle, Needlerib, Superlux, Cocoa Matting, Vinyl Link Mats, Rubber Tire Link Mats, Interlocking Safety Mat Tiles.

Feature:3' X 5' Proluxe 12 colours to choose from. Other sizes are available.

Mops, Mop Heads,(Cotton and Synthetic) Quick Change Mop Handle, Floor Squeegees, Laundry Net Drawstring, Janitorial Carts, Buckets, Casters, Dollies, Handles, Mopping Trucks, Sponge Mops

Feature: Combo Bucket and Wringer (26-32 qt.) Blue Grey Yellow

Centre Pull, Roll, Multifold,Single Fold, Bathroom Tissue (Conventional, Mini Jumbo, Jumbo)

Wipers, Chix Towels, J-Cloth, Facial Tissue and Kitchen Towel.

Feature:Kraft Single Fold Towel (4000 / case)

Aluminum Cleaner & Polish, Cedar Oil Polish, Copper & Brass Cleaner & Polish, Cream Furniture Polish, Lemon Oil Polish, Liquid Furniture Polish, Paste Furniture Polish, Silver Polish, Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

White, All Steel,Swing Top,Bulldog, Dollies, Wastebaskets, King Kan, Recycling,Huskee,Gator, Step-on-Cans, Sand Urns, Ash Receptacles.

Feature:Swing Top All Steel Receptacle with galvanized liner.

Toilet Seat Covers, Electric Hand Dryers, Urinal Cakes, Deodorant Blocks, Deodorizers & Dispensers, Sanitary Napkins, Tampons, Condoms, Panty Liners, Waxed Liner Bags, Plungers, Toilet Bowl Brushes, Urinal Screens, Nippers, Trigger Sprayers and Bottles, Sponges.

Feature:#4 Maxi Thin Pads Boxed Individually for vending machines. 250/case

Powdered, Liquid, Fabric Softeners, Stain and spot Removers.

Feature:"Ultra Fresh" Powdered Laundry Detergent "Lemon Fresh"

10 kg /22lbs & 20 kg / 44lbs

New Improved Formula: Hypo-Allergenic, Phosphate Free, Suspension Agents,Ultra Concentrated,Water Softeners, Controlled Suds, Optical Brighteners, Colour Safe,Colour Guard

Feature:"Citrus 2000" Powdered Laundry Detergent "Lemon Fresh"

20 kg / 44lbs

Squeegees, Strip Washers, Scrapers, Blade Holsters, Window Buckets, Telescopic Poles & Accessories, Car Window Squeegees, Froggy Squeegee.

Feature:12" Stainless Squeegee

Aprons (Disposable), Bags (Plastic), Baskets, Caddies, Can Liners,

Chamois, Cheesecloth, Desk Chair Mats, Detergents,

Drop Cloths (Plastic Canvas), Drum Pumps, Dust Control Liquids,

Electric Bulbs, Fire Extinguishers,Floor Scrapers, First Aid Kits,

Gloves, Hand Pads, Hand Trucks (2 Wheel 4 Wheel),

Janitor Trucks, Ladders, Lambs Wool Applicators, Light Bulb Removers,

Liquid Metering Dispensers, Nylon Floor Pads,

Odour Control Units (Electric and Battery Powered), Safety Treads,

Sand, Shovels, Sponges, Spreaders, Steel Wool Pads,

Utility Carts, Wall Washing Units, Wax Applicators, Wax Pans,

Window Scrapers, Wiping Rags

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