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Floor Machine Index

* Designed for Hotels-Motels, Restaurants and Other Commercial Cleaning

* Micron Filter System

* 7 Models to choose from. 12" / 15" / 16" widths

* Full bag indicator

* On-board cleaning tools

* Protective vinyl bumper

* 6 Position height adjustment

* Direct air flow system

* Powerful commercial motors. (5.0 amps to 10.0 amps)

Feature Item: 12" Sanitaire

SL-3 Dry Vacuum 12 litre (3 gal.) capacity

* The SL-3 is a compact, heavy-duty vacuum cleaner with 3 filters.

* Triple filter system traps particles as small as 0.5 microns.

* Double ball bearing motor.

* 3 metre (10ft. hose)

* Metal hose connector

* Cloth, paper and micro filters included

10' hose included. Accessories Extra

SL-5 Dry Vacuum 20 litre (5 gal.) capacity

SL-6 Dry/Wet Vacuum 20 litre (5 gal.) capacity

SL-7 Dry/Wet Vacuum 20 litre (5 gal.) capacity

The above 3 models are high capacity vacuum cleaners and are identical in appearance. They are all portable, have a filter for drywall dust pick-up, hose and filters are included and they have an accessory outlet for a power brush.

Falcon 1-A and Falcon 2-A

* The falcon is a large-capacity (45 litre 12 gal.), industrial / commercial vacuum cleaner.

* Falcon 1-A Wet / Dry pick-up

* Falcon 2-A Wet / Dry pick-up with extra-heavy-duty motor.

* Filter for drywall dust pickup

* Metal hose connector

* Hose and filters included

* Accessory outlet for power brush

* Tool caddy included

Centaur Rex 14 and 18 Upright Vacuum Cleaners


* Bag full light eliminates the guesswork as to when the bag is full.

* Tool kit: flexible hose, telescopic wand, round dusting brush, & crevice tool.

* Easy brush changing feature.

* Cord hooks. Upper and lower for easy storage of cord.

* Electrostatically charged filter guarantees that clean air is expelled.

* Low clearance cleaning .

* Telescoping wand allows for easy cleaning of hard-to-reach places.

Centaur Floor Cleaning Machines

SILENTO ultra quiet vacuum cleaners


Based on the highly successful Centaur SL-3 platform, the Silento vacuum cleaners offer a new dimension to the floor care industry.
These quiet and powerful machines can be used in places and situations where conventional vacuum cleaners were regarded as problematic
because of their noise. With this ultra quiet vacuum cleaner, floor cleaning in hospitals, old age homes and daytime cleaning can now be
performed with a minimum amount of disruption. The Silento's quadruple FILTER SYSTEM will trap dust particles as small as 5 microns. The
total filter area is an impressive 755 sq. in. When the INDICATOR LIGHT glows, it shows the operator that the Silento is no longer picking up
dirt. Hence it is time to change the filter or clear the hose of debris.The new flexible INTAKE NOZZLE forces dirt to the opposite end of the
container, achieving maximum filling of the container. Its deflector prevents metal objects - such as a penny - from puncturing the paper
filter.How much acoustic foam does it take to silence a vacuum cleaner? THIS MUCH! So listen to a Silento. You will hardly hear it but you'll be
amazed what it can do for you.

* Optional H.E.P.A. Filter. (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Because the duty of a vacuum cleaner is to collect and retain dirt in a container, the main feature of the vac is its ability
to filter air. With the HEPA filter, the Silento-30 and Silento-31 retain dust particles down to 0.3 microns at 99.97% efficiency.

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